Stories Love Music

Stories Love Music's mission is to improve the care and support for those living with Dementia and Alzheimer's through creative engagement between the caregiver and the cared for. Our "Joy of Creative Engagement" program is for the caregivers and it blends music and story telling, sparking the imagination and bringing caregivers more fully into the present moment. This allows caregivers to attend to their own stress levels and deepen the relationship with the one they care for.

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Executive Director: Ilyana Kadushin
Counties Served: Somerset
Phone Number: 917-549-0444
Mission Category: Senior Citizens
Stories Love Music has presented our creative engagement program at a number of locations on the Eastern Shore including: MAC in Salisbury, Ocean City Senior Center, Snow Hill Adult Day Center and more.
In 2017 we established ourselves as a nonprofit organization so that we can expand our program and number of presentations throughout the Lower Shore and eventually in neighboring areas.
Our programs specifically focus on the caregivers. Caregivers work long hours, can feel quite isolated and can suffer many symptoms of burnout and stress.
Stories Love Music provides creative engagement workshops for: Family caregivers, Professional Care Givers, Nurses, Nurses Assistants, Home Health Aides and Recreational Directors.
TESTIMONIALS: Hear what the caregivers have to say about our program from their evaluations of our programs:

"I now know that music in our lives can be beneficial for the quality of life for myself as a caregiver and for my spouse. I love hearing the caregivers stories and understanding the importance of self-care. I am glad I took the time to come."

"my stress level after receiving this program is very low. It has given me a new light on things. I just didn't realize how a song could bring back memories."

"my emotional state after this program is calm, peaceful and refreshed. We listened to music before but now I understand how music can be a tool for the betterment of caregiving and will engage with it more in my care taking."

"I definitely feel less stressed out after participation in this workshop. I love how we worked with music and how we went into our feelings and taking off our masks as caregivers. Our society needs more of this today, our senior population is growing daily and with less empathy for them."

"I left with the deeper knowledge and a deeper understanding and I'm going to share with my family what I learned today, give them tips on how to be a better caregiver. The entire program is inspirational and very empowering."

"I am amazed at how well this workshop showed how not to take music and its therapeutic values lightly. The proof was in this workshop and how music is tied to all parts of life. I have not had a workshop this good in a while."

"leaving here my stress is at zero! I've learned a lot about how to make music more creative for my clients, how music can be self-care and using music to engage conversation and sparking their memories."

"I feel less stressed after this program, I actually feel very relaxed. I am planning on using some of the techniques with some of my residents. I feel

the interactive scenarios were very effective. I wish more caregivers had exposure to these ideas."

"my stress level has decreased and I don't feel as anxious. I now have verbal prompting skills, I will listen more and take better care of myself. The workshop leader was compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, approachable and showed great empathy."

"I don't think I will have as much to worry about after this. I will take care of myself first. This offered up so many different ideas how to interact with the patient with dementia. I enjoyed learning how to engage in communication."

"after this program my current stress level is much better, I feel much calmer and happier. I wish I could bring all my employees to this class. I am actually excited for the first time in a long time and look forward to getting back to work to try things out. The strength of this program is learning about engagement, how the songs and the stories behind them are part of it."

"this program has a powerful way of engaging caregivers, to relax and reduce their stress. I would like for more caregivers to be able to experience the power of Stories Love Music's programs for themselves and their loved ones."

"stories love music creative engagement program brings another positive approach to engaging people with challenges as they age."

"I now have a method to connect meaningfully with individuals with memory problems."

"I now appreciate more fully the emotional impact of music and how caregivers can help their dementia and loved ones."

"we learned the practical application how to use music in activities when working with people with dementia. Thank you for this fun and beneficial learning opportunity."

"this program was a miracle for me. My outlook is changed for the better because of this session."

"this program brings a safe nurturing environment for caregivers."

"this program gave me a fresh approach to difficult situations that caregivers are faced with. I have knew listening and communication skills."

"I have learned how to connect differently with people with dementia. I found this program very inspiring and informative."

"I learned the ability of how to approach people with dementia."

"I now have the feeling of being important, that what we caregivers are doing for others is not only important to us but to others. This program helps caregivers to open up and see different ways of doing what we do."
We would like to raise $5000, which is the estimated cost to provide 4 full-day workshops to 80 caregivers.